How to convert EML to PST with no interruption?

To successfully convert data from one format to another no longer requires an expert or training in the same. Now anyone can access the service with Mail Extractor Pro by USL software. This software is ahead of its time, as is evident in the hi-tech features and intuitive interface this software has been coupled with. If you want to know how to convert EML to PST format then keep reading.

how to convert eml to pst

Get the tool, if you are looking for EML, MBOX, Mac Mail, Postbox and Thunderbird to PST converter tool.

Step-wise tutorial that answers how to convert EML to PST online

Find below the step-by-step tutorial that will answer you on how to convert EML to PST free, on your own.

·       One is supposed first to download this software, then launch it. Once it is open, several mail client options would be displayed- apple mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and EML. After the user selects the last one, the entire database of that format would be selected automatically.

·        From the selected database, the user is supposed to select the files that they want converted. They can deselect the files that they do not want to convert to the pst format.

·        The user has the choice to automatically split the large pst files. It makes it easy for the files to be processed. Additionally, the users also have the choice to ignore the empty folders. They are just supposed to tick the box marked ‘ignore empty folders’.

·         Finally, after the command has been sent for the conversion, the output will be presented after a wait of a few minutes.

Direct and convenient conversion in the mac itself

This software allows for the EML to PST conversion of data directly in the mac, therefore assisting a faster and more accurate conversion. There is no possibility of the files being left behind or being vulnerable to data corruption.

Speeds up conversion with bulk method

To ensure that the users do not have to suffer slow conversion or sacrifice a lot of time into it, this software has been built to provide bulk conversion. The users can convert several files in a single batch, therefore converting data in bulk. The time required for the conversion is thus lesser and the process much more convenient and less repetitive and manual.

Safe for all types of data

This EML files to PST converter software is compatible with a wide range of data- from the simplest to the most complex. One gets to convert data that is in languages like Korean and Japanese with as much ease as data that is in English. That is possible since this software is compatible with Unicode- including double-byte characters.

Automatic maintenance of folder hierarchy

The folders and subfolders are automatically preserved in a hierarchical order by this software. This makes it easy for the users to locate data whenever they need to. It also preserves metadata, attachments and nested messages automatically.

how to convert eml to pst on mac

A free trial version of this software is present, avail it from the product website. Upgrade to the full version when you feel ready to experience its full capacity.